Refereed Publications

Multiculturalism in Art Museums Today cover“Engaging Latino Audiences: Visitor Studies in Practice at the Denver Art Museum,” a chapter I co-authored with Madalena Salazar is included in this edited volume of chapters by academics, museum professionals, and consultants.




OxBiblatinostudiesMuseums, co-authored with Frederick Luis Aldama, is an entry for Oxford Bibliographies in Latino Studies, which offers an overview of key sources in Latina/o museum studies.


Necklace from MandelaFrom Nelson Mandela: A Gender Coded Semiotic Reading of a South African Tourist Necklace, is a feminist self-reflexive narrative that traces the production and circulation of a South African tourist necklace, which Nelson Mandela gave to my grandmother to give to me. The article was published in 2015 in Visual Culture & Gender and highlights women’s labor in a global economy.

Selected Other Publications

(Spring 2014). Latinos and Museums: Representation at the Smithsonian. ¿Qué Pasa, OSU?, 21 (2), 5.

(Spring 2013). Arroz con Leche: An Interview with Children’s Book Author/Illustrator Lulu Delacre

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